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NC Grantmakers Education Summit 2015

The NC Network of Grantmakers held its second annual Education Summit in December, where funders gathered to discuss the state of education and its funding. I was tasked with developing the design for the program, which including informational graphics and a list of participants.

Canvas Word Art

An avid fitness enthusiast wanted to surprise her husband with a canvas marking all their intense training and races together. This fun 16x16 canvas included images from their races with a quip "The couple that runs, jumps, climbs and swims together stays together."

Youth Leadership

Generation Nation sought customized branding for its Youth Leadership program. The logo uses the font and graphic elements of Generation Nation's core branding.

Book Cover Project

I was given a daunting task: design 10 book covers in 2 weeks. The publisher gave free reign to design to the desires of the authors.

After consultations with each writer via Skype or phone, each author was given two design ideas. After selecting the one that most closely met their wishes, we developed the idea to completion.

The result was a great experience and a met deadline.  A few of my favorites are below:








Malia Laine

Wine accessory boutique owner Julia sought branding for her new business that embodied her personality and flair. The resulting brand included feminine lines, the hint of a wine glass and bold lime green. Earlier branding prototypes relied on the lime green with a variety of styles (below).

We also collaborated on a series of web videos highlighting her boutique's products.


Event Foundations, By Abbie

The client for this project sought a color scheme and logo design that was both professional and quirky. After exploring three design themes (below), the final logo brings in elements of groups with individual characters. The fonts mix structural and personal.


Afer Group

A new company sought a logo that represented their business, which imports goods from West Africa. The logo design incorporates an African symbol of unity and human rights. The final solution includes a graphic that can be used independently.

Dionne Cherese Boutique

Dionne sought a classy, feminine brand for her new jewelry design business. After looking over three design prototypes (shown below), Dionne pursued a clean, simple logo in bold colors.


Union Grove General Store 2013 Artisan Tour

Union Grove General Store was selected by Case XX Knives as a tour stop for its 2013 Artisans Tour. The owner wanted to promote the event in the local community. This design was developed for the flyers, and a similar design will be used on event T-shirts.

Red Cross Event Invitations

The Carolina Piedmont Region of the American Red Cross sought designs for two community events: a meet and greet to introduce the new regional CEO, and the annual meeting and volunteer celebration. The custom-made designs feature local images with clean, contemporary graphics.

Statesville Pumpkin Fest Map

The Downtown Statesville festival attracts thousands each year. Festival organizers use this map to help visitors find their way. Organizers have used this map since 2010.

NC Health and Information Exchange Opt-Out Brochure

The North Carolina Health and information Exchange sought literature that would explain the organization's purpose and benefits, as well as provide patients across the state with the ability to opt-out of the digital record collection. Originating as a tri-fold with a perforated form to mail, the piece evolved into an informational brochure. The brochure builds on the brands standards established in earlier work.

Personal Graphic Poster Project

Arrie approached me about designing a poster for her significant other Jeff, a poster with a fictional account of their different life histories, all of which result in their finding each other. Sounds pretty cool. The poster (which was printed 12" wide and 36" tall), details three different life stories in timeline fashion, complete with illustrations of the two at the bottom.

From Arrie: "Jeff loved the poster, and it looks incredible printed. Thank you again from both of us!"

Lockers Unlimited New Product Mailer

Lockers Unlimited, based in Charlotte, NC, expanded its product catalog to include metal bleachers and benches and wanted to promote the addition with a mailer. Rather than use the factory-designed mailer, we collaborated to design a cleaner, more modern tri-fold mailer targeting recreation centers, schools, parks, athletic clubs and fitness centers.

The tri-fold focuses on the unmatched service from Lockers Unlimited, as well as the benefits of locally-made products.

Union Grove General Store

Union Grove General Store unveiled its revamped brand through its website launch and now with its updated Ruritan Spring Fest book. The new look builds off the vintage appeal of country stores, while highlighting the specific brands and products that bring folks to the store in droves!

Family Fourth

The Meier family wanted a T-shirt design to commemorate their annual tradition. Among the design requests were an "old school crest" with fireworks and other patriotic symbols, as well as a wiffle ball and bat.

Below are a few of the other ideas:


Cady’s Garden

Cady's Garden, a start-up handmade crafts business, wanted a quirky logo for its big launch. The logo can be used together with the strawberry graphic, and the strawberry is used separately for branding.

Union Grove General Store

Union Grove General Store wanted a historic looking logo to use on T-shirts and marketing campaigns. The idea was to have the 19th-century text with an sketched-look version of the storefront in the middle.

Carmel Presbyterian Weekday School

Carmel Presbyterian Church in Charlotte needed marketing assistance to build their Weekday School attendance. As part of an overall marketing campaign, I developed the school's first true branding and logo.

Other campaign projects include the Weekday School's first dedicated website and other marketing collateral, such as brochures (seen below).


NC Health Information Exchange Brand Standards

North Carolina Health Information Exchange updated its logo, from a teal and purple brand to a modernized green and black design. As part of the overhaul we developed a comprehensive Brand Standards guide for use within the organization and in any media uses.


Hometown Heroes 2012 campaign logo

The Greater Carolinas American Red Cross needed a graphic for its 2012 Hometown Heroes campaign. The campaign benefits fire victims, so Regional Communications Manager Kate Meier requested a graphic that incorporated home fires and the new Red Cross branding element. The final graphic uses Red Cross brand suggested colors.

MONA Group

MONA Group sought a trendy yet professional logo using a dog image. The result, a cartoon dog within the logo, can be used separately or together, and the color families can be alternated as the application dictates.

In one application, MONA Group's business cards (below).


LJoyce Photography

LJoyce Photography is a small business run by a work-at-home mom who wanted a website and logo that were "classic, unique, and professional."

Red Cross 2010 Poker Run

The Greater Carolinas Red Cross sought a logo design for their late summer fundraiser, the Poker Run. The event is held at various locations along Lake Norman, and participants can boat or motorcycle from point to point. The logo needed to incorporate the poker theme, as well as the slogan "by lake or land." Four samples were submitted, and the blue and green logo was selected to use in promotional items and marketing.

Positive Impact for Kids

Twelve-year-old Leanne formed a non-profit organization to improve the lives of children and teens receiving medical treatment across the U.S. Leanne needed a logo design and website to centralize her campaign efforts. This logo features Leanne's criteria that the graphic be fun yet professional, cheerful and caring. As part of the new branding, the graphic can be used in a variety of colors from the organization's new color palette.

ZX Fitness ‘Zero Excuses’ Campaign

The latest ZX Fitness marketing campaign features motivational quotes and the tagline "Zero eXcuses." It is intended for the university area, but also needed to appeal to older audiences.

ZX Fitness Banners

ZX Fitness started a large marketing campaign with area sports teams. At the top is a banner that hangs at the Carolina Speed arena. The bottom ad appears in the Charlotte Knights programs.


ZX Fitness Referral Promotion

ZX Fitness launched a referral marketing campaign for December 2011. They wanted to maintain their colors, but use updated fonts and textures. The poster design mixed sleek metal textures with the rough look of a stencil font. The 24x36" posters were displayed in the fitness clubs across North Carolina.

ZX Fitness ‘Strength in Numbers’ Campaign

ZX Fitness has a full-page ad in the Charlotte Executive Savings booklet. The marketing director sought an ad that would target women and included a 7-day pass that could be brought into one of the Charlotte-area locations. The same "Strength in Numbers" campaign was also used in the Charlotte Knights program (below).


Lake Norman Excursion 2012 T-Shirt Design

The Carolina Piedmont Region of the American Red Cross sponsors an annual cycling and running event, the Lake Norman Excursion. This year, the event organizers wanted something different and "funky" for the event T-shirt.

Newspaper Centerpiece Illustrations

Award-winning illustrations from the Statesville Record & Landmark, including a caricature of a columnist (left) and a hand-drawn cartoon illustration which was colorized digitally.

Media General ‘House’ Ads

Media General's North Carolina community group rebuilt their newspaper sites using Duke content management system. I was a key leader in these launches, as well as designing the marketing campaigns before each of the six sites' launches. These ads ran in print newspapers across the newspaper group.

Newspaper Sports Graphics

The Statesville Record & Landmark needed graphics for each football team, non-football sports and the annual Holiday Classic. The samples below are just a few of the graphics in daily use at the R&L, as well as the Mooresville Tribune and Concord and Kannapolis Independent Tribune.

Media General website branding

Media General's North Carolina web sites relaunched in August 2008 using a new content management system. With this relaunch came the redesign of each newspaper web site's branding. These logos were used in promotional items in print and online.

“Buzz” Media General Entertainment Portal

Media General, a North Carolina newspaper chain, wanted to explore an entertainment portal for the northern Charlotte region. This site was built in Expression Engine and allowed up-to-the-minute updates, as well as polling, calendar and submission form modules. I came up with the concept, site design and branding, as well as marketing campaigns to launch the site in the community.

ZX Fitness Billboard

ZX Fitness needed a billboard design for its $10 marketing campaign. Using an idea from the marketing director at ZX Fitness, this billboard design is intended for large-scale billboards - 40' x 12'.

I also took the photos used on the billboard, which features two Lincolnton club members.

ASU Department of Technology

The Department of Technology required various promotional materials. A departmental brochure (left) highlighted the programs available for prospective students. A specific brochure was created for the Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology program (center) to be distributed to area technology and art teachers to promote the program to high school students. Scholarship posters (right) highlighted financial assistance for current students.

ASU Publications

Full color and spot color covers were just a few of the designs for the Appalachian State University office. The Orientation Guide (left) was printed in full process color on newsprint, while the spot-color Club Directory was printed on heavier white paper and bound.

2006 ASU Phone Directory Cover

ASU sought to celebrate its football successes on the 2006-07 telephone directory. The design features student photography from the previous football season, and was distributed to each student and across campus.

2005 ASU Campus Map Illustration

As part of the 2005 Orientation Guide for incoming freshmen, this map was a hand-drawn rendering of the campus which was then digitally colored and output as a double-truck in the center of the campus publication.

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